Luna's Story

Luna came to Fort Collins as a Colorado State University student. During the second semester of her junior year, she became pregnant. She was undecided about her pregnancy and had even made an abortion appointment early on. Thankfully, Luna made the courageous decision to call Alpha Center for a pregnancy test and free ultrasound. During her appointment, she really connected with her pregnancy through ultrasound and that was a game-changer for her. With her pregnancy confirmed, she shared her pregnancy with her boyfriend, Josh…


Initially, her boyfriend, Josh, was supportive but then left town, leaving Luna alone and in her first trimester. 

Luna was suddenly alone. Without the support of Josh, the support system she had was limited. It was a blessing that she had made a strong connection with staff at Alpha Center. With this support, she decided that she could tackle the challenges she was facing and focused on completing the semester. Not only did Luna find support at Alpha Center, but she also found an encouraging place to take her finals! At one point, Josh came back to Fort Collins and things seemed to be looking up. 

As Luna’s pregnancy continued, she and Josh met with our counselor to strengthen their relationship. After a period of time, Josh left again, once again leaving Luna. Yet, with the strength of the connections she’d made at Alpha Center, she knew she had support and then began to attend church. Luna was not only growing in confidence about her pregnancy, she was also learning about Christ.


When her fall semester began, Luna was a senior with a baby on the way. She continued to succeed in school and continued to attend church. Luna decided to rededicate her life to Christ during this time! As her pregnancy continued, Luna experienced many complications with her health, leading to very early delivery and a very long NICU stay for the baby.

Through it all, Luna stayed on track and graduated from college this year! She and baby are doing well and recently have adjusted to life outside the hospital. It has been such a blessing to walk with Luna through this past year and to experience what a difference a year makes!