Why I Support Alpha Center: Shannon Foster

My younger brother, Zac, was killed by a drug-impaired driver this summer. It’s been the most heartbreaking, traumatizing event to happen in my life. I miss him, but in many ways, it hasn’t hit me that he’s gone. It doesn’t feel real. I wake up in the mornings and wonder if it truly happened, because it seems too horrific, too unthinkable to be real. He had just turned 24 years old. But the incredible legacy he left behind is beyond my ability to comprehend. 

My brother’s life was a testament to his belief in Jesus. He was a friend to everyone, he loved without judgment, and he volunteered his time to help women in need at The Alpha Center in Fort Collins; answering phones, greeting patients, and helping out with events. 

After he died, I found out through his friends and coworkers who he truly was. In truth, I had no idea who he was to those outside our family until he died. He was simply my brother, he had always been there, and I assumed he always would be. We mainly spoke in movie and tv show quotes and had similar senses of humor. We grew up four years apart, and he was the cutest baby. He had deep dimples, chubby cheeks, and a mischievous smile. I used to bend down and kiss his head all the time, which he resented when he grew old enough to protest. After he died, I was overwhelmed with dozens of stories of how Zac had helped friends through difficult times, what an amazing employee he was, and the love he showed to people he barely knew. 

While my family and I were planning his funeral, we were all in a daze, as those who have lost loved ones much too young will attest to. But through the daze, I asked Angela Davis, the volunteer coordinator of the Alpha Center, if she would be willing to speak at the service about what Zac had done for the center. She had known Zac and agreed. At the service, she explained what the Alpha Center’s mission is; to help women facing unplanned pregnancies, and offer resources to help them through their challenges. My brother was not just pro-life in his beliefs, he truly lived it out. He understood the sanctity of human life, and he unapologetically stood in the gap for unborn babies and their mothers. Even though he had never been affected by an unplanned pregnancy and didn’t know the women he was helping, he cared enough to volunteer his limited free time to help save lives and show God’s love to others. Angela explained this, and how exactly Zac had volunteered with the Alpha Center, detailing the interview she had with him when he submitted his volunteer application. He was a man of very few words, which gave the words he chose to speak even more meaning.

 I hope that Angela’s words and Zac’s legacy reached even just one person at his funeral, one person facing the fear and uncertainty of an unplanned pregnancy. I hope that even just one person chooses life for their baby after hearing what Zac lived and stood for. I hope that Zac’s life and death will continue to inspire courage, compassion, and life for the unborn. Zac has given me a new passion for my own life, and the will to take a stand for those most vulnerable.

-Shannon Foster